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Roads carry 85% of our country's passengers and 60% of our freight. India's transport sector is large and diverse, owing in-part to our population. It is the fastest growing infrastructural super-asset, and we at Tack Innovations have been supporting its development through world class solutions and products.

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Portfolio of Solutions for Transport Industry


PU & hybrid adhesives and sealants for gap filling & wind-shield applications

Masking & Adhesive Tapes

Paint masking, reflective tapes, double-sided structural bonding

Panel Bonding

Adhesives & tapes for interior & exterior panel bonding

Noise Reduction

Vibration damping materials for noise reduction

Surface Finishing & Conditioning

Metal finishing, paint repair, surface conditioning
Transport Industry Solutions


Adhesive Sealing Solutions Brochure

Transport Industry
Transport Industry Solutions

Our Masking & Adhesive Tapes

Masking & Surface Protection Brochure

Transport Industry
Transport Industry Solutions

Our Panel Bonding Solutions

3M Panel Bonding Brochure

Transport Industry
Transport Industry Solutions

Our Noise Reduction Solutions

Transport Industry Solutions

Our Surface Finishing & Conditioning Products

3M Surface Conditioning Brochure

Transport Industry

Recent Applications in Transport Industry

Client: Advanced Hardware+Software solutions provider to stationary & mobile assets (Indian Railways, in this case)
Location: New Delhi, Delhi
Solution: The client wanted to deploy a remote fuel sensing and gauging system on Indian Railways to reduce fuels wastage and measure consumption. The same was done using 3M Epoxy applications by Tack Innovations.
Impact: The client was able to provide the solution to Indian Railways successfully at a competitive cost, thereby reducing fuel wastage and enabling fuel reading and measurement anytime from anywhere.


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