Solutions for the Fabrication Industry

Tack Innovations has been providing solutions for the Fabrication industry (primarily Metal Fabrication) since the past 2 decades. During this period, the Metal Fabrication industry alone has grown from $0.4 billion to over $18 billion today.

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Portfolio of Solutions for Fabrication Industry

Bonding Solutions

Adhesives, double sided tapes, sealants for Manufacturing

Masking & Surface Protection

Surface Protection, paint masking, plating, solder masking tapes

Surface Conditioning

Abrasives, polishing wheels, discs, flap brushes, Scotch-Brite pads etc.

Personal Safety Solutions

Ear, eyes, nose, head, body protection
Fabrication Industry Solutions

Our Bonding Solutions & Products

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For Fabrication Industry
Fabrication Industry Solutions

Our masking & surface protection products

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Fabrication Industry
Fabrication Industry Solutions

Our Surface Conditioning Products

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Fabrication Industry
Fabrication Industry Solutions

Our Personal Safety Solutions

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Fabrication Industry

Recent Applications in Fabrication Industry

Client: A leading outdoor signage manufacturer for public spaces & institutional markets (Airports, Metro etc.)
Location: Manesar, Haryana
Solution: This is LED lights at the back, and acrylic adhesive on top. Earlier, this used to be done using rivets & screws. Now done using 3M VHB Tapes.
Impact: No water leakage after application of our solution. Assembly time, complexity and labour costs reduced drastically.

Client: A leading metal fabricator
Location: Chandigarh, Punjab
Solution: Fabricated metal was to be bonded on another metal, without welding. 3M PU Adhesives were applied to execute this.
Impact: The solution so used allowed the job to be done with full corrosion resistance, silent application with sound damping, without any requirement of a rework for surface finishing, or any special skilled labour requirement. All of this resulted in better quality, faster execution and lower costs for the client.

Client: A leading elevator manufacturer
Location: Faridabad, Haryana
Solution: The client was using Epoxy 2-part Adhesive for stiffener bonding, with a curing time of 48-72 hours (depending upon temperature). It was getting hard to ramp up production with rising labour costs and slow production processes. Furthermore, the elevators so produced were noisy, hampering end user experience. We applied 3M VHB 2-sided tapes for stiffener bonding replacing the adhesives, and also provided with an effective Noise Damping solution by Nitto.
Impact: As a result, the bonding time reduced from 48-72 hours to 1-2 hours, increasing production capacity and reducing labour costs. The client was able to ramp up production of noise-free elevators successfully.

Client: Advanced Hardware+Software solutions provider to stationary & mobile assets
Location: New Delhi, Delhi
Solution: The client wanted to deploy a remote fuel sensing and gauging system to on Indian Railways to reduce fuels wastage and measure consumption. The same was done using 3M Epoxy applications by Tack Innovations.
Impact: The client was able to provide the solution to Indian Railways successfully at a competitive cost, thereby reducing fuel wastage and enabling fuel reading and measurement anytime from anywhere.


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