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Construction and Real Estate development is synonymous with progress, and in that measure, India has been on a consistent path of high growth. Tack Innovations has a large portfolio of effective bonding & cladding solutions that are as state-of-the-art as they are essential to the construction industry. With these solutions, we have ensured that construction projects in India are equipped with world class products and systems to maximise output.

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Client: The biggest real estate developer in India
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Solution: ACPs (Aluminium Composite Panels) are highly inflammable and emit black smoke when burnt. They had to be replaced with Galvonum metal sheets. They were installed all through various buildings using 3M VHB tapes, replacing rivets and screws. This was a huge investment done by the client on bonding & cladding to ensure greater fire safety in its buildings.
Impact: Higher levels of fire safety were achieved at relatively lower costs, and a much faster implementation. The client was provided a 15 year warranty as well.

Client: Central Electronics Limited
Location: Sahibabad, Haryana
Solution: The whole roof is made up of solar panels. Water proofing done successfully using Extreme Sealing Tapes, a product globally used for bonding and cladding purposes.
Impact: 100% effective waterproofing achieved on the sensitive surface with minimum labour and material cost to the company.

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