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We are Tack Innovations, an end-to-end solutions provider in the Facility Management Industry. We have worked for clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies in India. Working for over 27 years, we are known to marry our applied engineering prowess with powerful products by global principal brands. We work to create simple and effective solutions that help our clients overcome their challenges and grow their revenue multifold.


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KC Foam Soap

KC Foam Soap provides the rich, luxurious lather, making the hand washing a more pleasant experience, encouraging better hand hygiene.  

With a refill that lasts up to 2500 hand washes, you can save money and time also as it does not require much servicing.

KC Foam Soap can remove the toughest stain of all whether it is grease or oil, using less water and in less time as compared to traditional soaps.

Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, the KC Foam soap provides a luxurious hand washing experience. Promoting hygienic hand cleansing experience and water conservation. 

KC Touchless Dispenser

KC Touchless Dispenser is an efficient & Reliable Dispenser. It is a long-lasting dispenser that comes with up-to 5 years battery life. It reduces the hassle of restroom maintenance with the high-capacity of KC Electronic touchless dispensers that comes with 3 years warranty.

This touchless, wall mount dispenser needs infrequent refilling and provides consistent performance

Your Guests will enjoy the experience of hygienic, touch free dispensing. 

This dispenser comes in handy in reducing waste, minimizing risk of cross contamination, particularly for a high – traffic business restroom.

Introducing the new 3M Advanced Floor Care System.

Flooring is the first impression for your guests, and its condition reflects on your outlook towards hygiene and quality. 

Get first-class, hygienic & long-lasting shining on the floor every single time. 

We offer reduced labor and protection costs associated with your floor maintenance.

Our Floor Care System reduces the costs of cleaning chemicals required every day. 

It is friendly to natural stones.  3M Floor Care system offers you a clean, disinfected and sanitized floor, whenever you open your premises to your employees / guests or tenants.

Advantage of 3M Floor Pads:

  • Remove deep scuff marks 7 times faster
  • Nearly 40% more aggressive floor stripping
  • 25% better cut of Schiefer test
  • 50% better burnishing durability
  • Reduce need for chemical stripper & finisher
  • Washable & Reusable
  • High Gloss Level
  • Anti-Skid Properties

Work Place Hygiene

Work area cleanliness:-
Wet task / wipers – Regularly clean your desk.
Stop infections from spreading and dust from gathering, by cleaning your desk.
Sanitize your hands at least once day.
Regularly wash your cups, mugs, plates and cutlery.
Keep a box of tissues on your desk.
  • Personal hygiene – KC – hand sanitizer
  • GlovesKimtech gloves – Minimize risk and help boost productivity
    with our wide range of gloves.
  • Mask (N95 & 3 ply) – Complete comfort with excellent filtration
    efficiency to avoid contamination in aesthetic. 
  • Kitchen – Antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Hand Washing – Bulk soap can : luxurious, moisture, featuring a pleasant scent.
  • Ideal for use in commercial, high- traffic areas, & reduces maintenance time and cost. It can be used to refill table top and wall mount display.

Swajal Water Cube

Non availability of safe drinking water in India has created a billion dollar packaged water industry, which in turn has created a plastic pileup in our environment.

 It is sad to see the amount of diesel burning for its transportation, plastic leaching from the plastic bottles in water and tons of single use plastic pile up everywhere.

But we at Tack Innovations and Swajal Water cube are doing our bit to address this problem.


Our dispensers have not only made drinking exciting, but also healthy for the humans and the environment . Our alkaline mineral water is just right for our body. The dispensers are built around an AI platform which can help you track the quality and quantity of water to the last drop from your systems or your phones. Low wastage, hot and cold option, live display screen, touch less dispensing and a lean anti rust body. These systems are working in the majority of the 5 star hotels and leading corporate offices.

Chai Point

As offices are open now, you want people to get back to work; we have an idea to help everyone back in – Chai –Indian style with the option of adrak, elaichi or masala.

Fresh milk, no tea bags, separate sugar, option of shakkar, various flavors’, Touchless dispensing, hygienic  in the comfort of your office.

All of above are from one of India’s best startups – CHAI POINT.

We at Tack Innovations are servicing customers across Delhi-NCR region. No capital investment, only pay a basic rental charge for the consumables.


We also provide the option for drinking South Indian Filter Coffee or fresh bean coffee.

No more going to the nukkad wala dhaba in this heat. Enjoy your favorite CHAI or KAFI – just the way you love it.

3M Dust Control Mat

Did you know that 80% of dust and dirt enters in a building through its doors? Every visitor entering any premise carries dirt and dust through its footwear.

The Answer- Leave your shoes out. Sounds weird?, right ?

 We have a solution : the 3M Entry Way System.

These are a set of 3 scientifically designed floor mats which can trap, hold and remove dust & dirt from shoes and footwear.

Result: Clean Premise, Drop in your monthly bill of housekeeping chemicals, restoration of your expensive floors and carpets from getting them soiled and damaged by dust particles. Resulting in saving the environment due to drop in chemical use in housekeeping and many more benefits.

Please reach out to us for a survey of your premise and proposal.


Beverage & Water

Explore our dispensing solutions for Facility Management industry


Anti-skid tapes, spill control solutions, boards & signages.

Dust Control

Z-web entrance & carpet matting, anti-fatigue, vinyl loop & modular matting solutions.

Garbage Disposal

Portable, color coded, fiber & stainless steel bins available

Personal Hygiene

Dispenser solutions, tissues & hand wipes, consumables & deodorisers.

Floor Care

Floor Pads, Sealing & Polish, Cleaning Chemicals.

Cleaning Tools

Windows, Floor, Surface, & Solar Panel Cleaning.



  • What do you mean by facility management?
    Facility Management (FM) is a professional management practice that focuses on the effective and efficient delivery of the support system to the organization that serves it. It helps in ensuring functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency through interaction with people, places, processes and technologies.
  • How does facility management work?
    Facility management is responsible for making sure everything works smoothly together.
  • Can Facility management save us time and money?
    Yes. Facility management can save time along with money. It will help in cutting down on the amount of time your staff is spending on overseeing the running of your facility management if you are operating in-house facility management.
  • Why is facility management important?
    Facility management is responsible for managing and maintaining the facilities during the day to day running of the business in an organization. Over the last few years, every business have identified the importance of well-managed buildings and utilities which help companies function effectively and efficiently. The team of facility management involves professionals to maintain day-to-day analysis and repair of the company utilities eventually all these help in cutting cost and increasing employee productivity.
  • How should we contact you ?
    Glad you asked this, you can email at - services@tack.co.in
    We provide one day special try out for some of our products.

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