Solutions for Manufacturing Manufacturing Applied solutions for industrial manufacturing companies in Metal Fabrication,
Electronics, Aerospace, Appliance, Transport, Handicrafts & Signage.
Construction Award winning applications of world class solutions for the construction markets in Coatings,
Paints, Fire Protection, Sealants & Foams, Bonding & Cladding, Corrosion Protection, Graphics & Signage.
Facility Management Solutions for the Facility Management markets in Hand Hygiene, Floor Care,
Safety, Beverages & Water, Garbage Management & Dust Control.

We are Tack

Tack Innovations is an end-to-end solutions provider for clients in Manufacturing, Construction, and Facility Management domains - from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies in India.
We have been around for over 30 years now, and have worked with hundreds of clients in India. We are known to marry our applied engineering prowess with powerful products by global principal brands, to create simple and effective solutions that help our clients overcome their challenges and grow their revenue. 

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Tack Innovations

Our Solutions by Industries & Applications

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For Manufacturing


Bonding, Masking, Surface Protection & Conditioning, Personal Safety.


EMI/RF Isolation, Confirmable Coatings, Thermal Interface Material, Connectors, Labels & Decals, Protection Tapes & Adhesives.


Thermal Management, Vibration Damping, Sealants, Bonding, Masking, Electrical Insulation, Surface Protection.


Sealants, Masking, Panel Bonding, Noise Reduction, Surface Finishing.


Maintenance Chemicals, Tapes & Adhesives, Radome Boots, Identification, Personal Safety.

For Construction


Anti-Corrosion, Waterproofing, Heat Reduction, Electrical Insulation, Exterior Paints.

Fire Safety

Passive Fire Protection Products, Intumescent Paints & Sheets, Fire Barrier Foams, Blankets, Wraps.

Sealants & Foams

Neutral & Hybrid Silicone Sealants, Acrylic Sealants, Fire Rated Sealants, General Purpose Sealants - Learn more.

Bonding & Cladding

Structural Glazing, Curtain Wall Tapes, Wood Claddings, Cladding Adhesives, Mirror Mounting.

Corrosion Protection

Anti Corrosion Coatings, Intumescent Coatings, Heat Reflective Coatings, Electrical Insulation Paints, Outdoor Paints.

Graphics & Signage

Safety & Warning, Information & Way Finding, Wall Graphics, Glass Graphics, Solid Surface Films.

For Facilities

Beverage & Water

Floor Pads, Sealing & Polish, Cleaning Chemicals & more.


Anti-skid tapes, spill control solutions, boards & signages.

Dust Control

Z-web entrance & carpet matting, anti-fatigue, vinyl loop & modular matting solutions.

Garbage Disposal

Dispenser solutions, tissues & hand wipes, consumables & deodorisers.

Personal Hygiene

Dispenser solutions, tissues & hand wipes, consumables & deodorisers.

Floor Care

Floor Pads, Sealing & Polish, Cleaning Chemicals.

Cleaning Tools

Windows, Floor, Surface, & Solar Panel Cleaning.

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Tack Innovations

Our Journey

Feb 1993

Establishing Tack Innovations

Tack Innovations is founded by Mr. Gurpreet Bedi, an Engineer from BITS Pilani, as a 3M distributor of tapes and adhesive solutions.
Apr 2005

Expanding Portfolio

Our portfolio was now powered by products from 3M IATD, Kimberly Clark, 3M Commercial Care, Henkel Loctite and others.
Mar 2008

Best Performing 3M Distributor

We earned our first best peformer award by 3M, and quickly became its #1 distributor in India.
Apr 2015

Turnover hits INR 300 million

Not the first revenue linked achievement, and certainly not the last. Definitely memorable.
July 2020

Post COVID-19 - Onwards & Upwards

We took the year of 2020 when our businesses were worst hit by the pandemic to build strategic relationships and expand our portfolio to include products from Nullifire and KEIM.
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To be a dynamic team that is respected by our customers, feared by our competitors and admired in the community.

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