Bonding, Masking & Protection Solutions by Tack
Tack Innovations brings to you 3M Tapes for all of your bonding, masking & protection requirements in your building. All 3M tapes come with 3M & Tack warranties, and their end-to-end application is handled by Tack Innovation's experienced in-house teams for your complete peace of mind. Download the brochures at the end of this page for a detailed insight into this.

3M VHB Tapes
Can a tape really replace rivets, bolts, screws & welds? YES, It can!

  • Durable, long lasting assemblies proven under harsh testing conditions – Stressed, pulled, submerged, frozen, dropped
  • More holding power, more shock absorbing, the real ability to replace mechanical fasteners
  • Smarter, simpler, one-step answer to traditional fastening & sealing manufacturing processes
Applications – Roof Bonding on truck bodies, Bonding door kick & seal plate, Channel stiffener bonding on truck bodies, Bonding muntin bars to glass, Truck body nameplate bonding, Commercial vehicle roof vent attachment, Overlap seam bonding on commercial vehicles, Vehicle signage frame attachment, Decorative appliance trim attachment, Roof panel bonding on truck cabs, Stack unit support bracket bonding, LCD display frame attachment, Bonding a logo to a refrigerator, Cladding decorative metal, extruded plastic channel bonding, Bonding luggage compartment doors…

pdf Download Complete Tack Innovations Interior Designing Solutions Brochure
pdf Download Complete 3M Industrial Tapes Brochure

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