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Tack Innovations presents Brady Sorbents, the best solution in the international markets to prevent trips and falls in an industrial workplace. Tack products come with full warranties and pre/post sales support from experienced in-house teams, This product is a recent addition in the arsenal of solutions of Tack Innovations, and is fast catching up
Did You Know? 20% of the workplace injuries are caused by slips, trips & falls. These result in average 11 days away from work & cost $40,000 per incident.
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SPC & Brady Solution (Introduced By Tack Innovations)

Advantages of Brady SPC Sorbents over Traditional Alternatives
Easier to clean up, Higher absorption capacity, Lower disposal costs, More adept at preventing damage to machines & equipments, Superior Chemical resistance, Not a health hazard, More environmentally responsible, More Versatile

SPC Products

Brady Re-form – The Next Generation of Sorbents

Transtherm Thermally/Electrically Conductive Adhes
  • Green – Non petroleum based product, recycled, efficient
  • More absorbent – About 50% more absorbent than other alternatives
  • Cost effective
  • Safe – Class A Fire Retardant, self extinguishing in case of fire

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