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Tack Innovations presents to you the most comprehensive solution in industrial signs, labels, and label printing by Brady. These products are a must have to prevent workplace injuries and downtime. They come with Tack Innovations warranties, and the amazing pre/post sales support by its in-house teams with more than 20 years of experience in successfully delivering complex projects.
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Advantages of Labels
Safety: Reduces injuries & expenses, prevents damages & downtime
Lean/5 S: Reduces waste, improves prod Advantages of Labelsuctivity
Compliance: Helps you avoid fines & civil lawsuits


Designate place marking Inventory control
Proper identification of cells, processes & equipment Workplace hazard warnings
Types of Labels
High Temperature & Circuit Board Labels
Circuit board labels, or PCB labels, are polyamide labels that can withstand the high heat & powerful chemicals used in PCB manufacturing. Available in a variety of materials, including anti-static PCB labels for auto-apply applications. They improve your processes & reduce operating costs by identifying your circuit boards throughout the entire PCB manufacturing process.
Brand Protection Labels
Avoid unnecessary expenses related to warranty fraud, product tampering, alteration & misuse or asset theft.
Provides visible evidence for protection from identity theft or label switching
Retains your product’s unique model no
Reduces the chance of liability claims due to unauthorized service or misuse
Controls your product’s integrity & long term performance by directing repairs only to authorized repair centers
Water Indication Labels
Provides clear evidence of water contact by turning from white to red permanently. Withstand heat, humidity aging & prolonged water submersion without false indication.
Warranty Fraud Prevention
Water Exposure Labels Shows evidence of water exposure, withstands high heat & humidity without showing a false indication
Label Switching Labels Prevents fraudulent warranty repair/replace claims
Warranty Seals Chip apart when label removal is attempted

Standard Serialized Labels

Standard Serialized Labels
Serialized labels created using number sets supplied by you, or standard alpha-numeric serialization sequences. Utilizes all popular lineal & 2D barcode symbologies.

Standard Serialized Labels

Standard Serialized Labels
Leaves a Void footprint when the label is removed, and VOID will appear on the top surface of the label in order to prevent it from being re-used.

BBP® 16 Label Printer

The durable BBP® 16 Thermal Transfer Label Printer is a complete, one-stop labeling solution, with specialized software & the ability to print on a leading range of materials, work with uncompromising quality at your convenience.
Standard Serialized Labels
Metallic body made of strong die-cast aluminium
Able to print labels as small as 4mm in size
Super clear thermal transfer print at 600dpi high resolution
Big LCD & 13 selectable languagesComes with original label design software CODESOFT
Applications – product identification, regulatory compliance, order processing, process tracking, POS & ticketing
Typical Applications Outdoor Pipe Marking Evacuation Marking Outdoor
Signage Safety Signs Chemical Labels Equipment IDing Tagstock
Multi colour printing from 4” to 10” wide
Industrial / Outdoor grade consumables
Up to 5 years outdoor durability
Stand-alone printer
Safety signs up to 10” wide
Large prominent pipe markers
NFPA / Chemical LabelsOutdoor signages
Prominent directional signsProduction ID
Multi colour printing from 4” to 10” wide
Industrial / Outdoor grade consumables
Up to 5 years outdoor durability
Stand-alone printer
Pipe Markers up to 4” wide
RTK chemical labels
Equipment / Asset IDTagstock printing
Safety slogan
Cutting characters & shapes
Colour screen with touch & go display
Mono-colour printing from 0.5” up to 4” wide100’s of built-in symbols & pictograms
Up to 5 years of outdoor durability
Barcode, Frame, Mirror Print
Pipe markers up to 4” wide
Equipment / Asset ID
Instrument ID
Electrical panel / Switch box ID

Brady Pipe Marking Solutions

Pipemarkers are labels on piping that help in quick identification of the pipe contents, the direction of their flow, and the level of hazard their contents will carry once released in the environment.
Industries today need pipemarkers for – Safety (To reduce errors, accidents), Efficiency (save time & effort tracing a pipe during work or maintenance), & compliance to standards like ASME A13. 1-1996, ISO 14726, AS 1345-1995, OSHA – 29 CFR 1910.261,IIAR.

Brady Offerings
B6610 – Wrap Around: PET, with surface temperature up to 120 deg C B6606 – Strip: Vinyl, with surface temperature up to 80 deg C

Brady Pipe Marker Testing
Durability Testing Pipe markers are tested in a simulated outdoor environment
Performance Testing Tested under high temperatures
Chemical Resistance Test To test resistance against solvents like salt, acid & bases

Brady Pipe Markers VS Other Pipe Markers

Other common markers – Fade in less than 2 years Brady Markers – No fading in simulated environment for at least 2 years
Other common markers – Peeling & de-laminated within 1.5 years Brady Markers – No peeling & de-lamination for a minimum of 3

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