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Tack Innovations launched these series of globally adopted and renowned products that meet all international standards of industrial safety & design by Brady in India in 2014. These ingenious products, combined with Tack's unique value proposition consisting of full warranties, pre/post sales application and support, and 20 years of experience in successfully delivering complex solutions make them a must have in any kind of an industrial setup. Some of these products are listed as follows. Download brochures at the end of this page for more details on them, or contact us.
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Brady Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Transtherm Thermally/Electrically Conductive Adhes
What is Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)?
LOTO is the process of preventing the flow of energy from a power source to a piece of equipment, and in doing so, prevent it from operating. This process protects workers involved in maintenance & servicing of the equipment from life-threatening / life-altering accidents.
Types of potentially hazardous energies: Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Thermal, Chemical, Gravitational
Lockout is the placement of a lockout device or an energy isolating device to ensure that the equipment being controlled cannot be operated until the lockout device is removed. Tagout is a warning tag secured onto the energy isolating point after it is placed in the safe position, to indicate that the equipment being controlled may not be operated until the tag is removed. LOTO Principle Only the person who applied LOTO removes it.
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LOTO Benefits

Transtherm Thermally/Electrically Conductive Adhes Transtherm Thermally/Electrically Conductive Adhes
Industrial Standards for LOTO
OSHA, ANSI, EU & MOM’s Workplace Safety & Health Act clearly mention all work equipment in the work premises must be fitted with clearly visible devices that completely isolate it from all sources of energy, and that it is the duty of the owner of the factory to do so.
  • Avoid fines & civil lawsuits
  • Reduce injuries, lost workdays, medical expenses & workers’ compensations
  • Prevents damage to the equipment & downtime
  • Lowers insurance premiums
Brady LOTO Products A first in India by Tack Innovations
Brady Procedure Writing Software
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Brady Locks

Transtherm Thermally/Electrically Conductive Adhes
Chemical & corrosion resistant | Rust protection | Spark resistant | Non-conductive | Light weight | Superior tamper resistance | Available in multiple colours for easy grouping & identification | Available in plastic, steel, brass & aluminium to meet various requirements along with labels
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Brady Electrical Lockout Devices
(With patented design EZ Panel LocTM)
Brady Mechanical Lockout Devices
Innovative | Material superiority | Meets industry standard designs | Easy to use
Group Lockouts Lockout Stations
Tags Portable Lockout Kits
Note:- Not using LOTO wherever applicable may result in loss of life, permanent impairment & heavy financial losses in the form of fines, lawsuits & higher insurance premiums. Brady LOTO products are exclusively brought to India by Tack Innovations.


BradyGloTM is a photoluminescent product that absorbs & stores energy from ambient light – fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, stray light, sunlight etc. This energy is then emitted to provide illumination in the dark in complete absence of any other source of light.

  • Provides up to 10 hours of illumination per charge
  • Infinitely repeatable absorption/emission process
  • No operating cost (no electricity / battery required)
  • No wiring required
  • Maintenance free
  • Non-toxic


Used In
  • Commercial – Government facilities, Office buildings, Hotels, Shopping centres etc.
  • Industrial – Oil rigs, Factories, Shipyards, Enclosed workspaces etc.
  • Transportation – Tunnels, Underground parking, Aisle marking in planes, trains & vessels

Owing to its low installation fee, DIY setup, virtually unlimited lifespan & absolutely zero operating & maintenance cost, BradyGloTM is literally the cheapest emergency lighting solution available.

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