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Tack Innovations seamlessly bridges the gap between high technology and its mass commercial application in its comprehensive Adhesives solutions presentation. It provides products and solutions powered by MNCs like 3M, Brady, Power Adhesives, MX-BON etc., in combination with its highly experienced in-house technical team and support for its easy application and warranties. Please feel free to download product brochures available at the end of this page for a greater insight into these products.

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TECBOND hotmelt adhesive provides instant, permanent bonding on a vast range of materials without the use of harmful solvents.

Advantages Fast setting time; No mixing, no waste; No consumable parts; No cleaning or flushing required; Long shelf life; No residue; Cost Effective; No need for ovens to accelerate the curing process
Tec Glue Guns are designed to apply the wide range of TECBOND adhesives with ease.

  • Component stabilization > Fixing & securing
  • Attaching components to PC boards > Vibration protection

  • Coil terminating battery packs > Wire Staking
  • Strain relief of wires & cables > Potting & sealing switches etc.

Tec Glue Guns For Hotmelt Application

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy AdhesivesEpoxy Adhesives
Tack Innovations presents 3M Scotch-Weld Electronic Grade Epoxy Adhesives from the world-renowned 3M stables.
  • For assembly of sophisticated electronics where outgassing & corrosion of adhesive bonds are a concern
  • These 2-part epoxies produce significantly lower contamination levels of ionic & outgassing impurities than other typical
  • Targeted dispensing through 3M EPX Applicator System & Duo-Pak cartridges for longer shelf life in room temperature for added convenience

Tack Innovations brings to you MXBON® Cyanoacryla

Tack Innovations brings to you MXBON® Cyanoacrylate Adhesives - the very best adhesives solution from the house of Cartell Chemical Co. Ltd., Taiwan.
  • Better adhesion
  • Improved curing speeds
  • High temperature resistance
  • Enhanced impact resistance
  • Low odor, low blooming
MXBON® All Purpose Series
Available in a wide range of viscosities, can be applied to various materials & gaps, & have a long shelf life.

MXBON® Low Odor Low Blooming Series
High purity cyano adhesive with low odor & low blooming. Designed for use where product appearance is critical, eg: Electrical Components.

MXBON® Metal Series
Possesses high strength to bond metal to metal and metal to rubber materials. Better performance as compared to traditional CA products.

MXBON® Rubber Toughened Series
Designed for use in high temperature high humidity environment providing flexibility & vibration resistance. Suitable for difficult-to-bond items, like thermal plastic, construction materials etc.

MXBON® Surface Insensitive Series
Quick setting adhesive, specially formulated for bonding dry, porous & acid surfaces, such as wood, paper products, PU foam, cork, rubber & ceramics. Suitable for continuous / automated production lines.

MXBON® High Temperature Resistance Series
Suitable for disk drives, high speed motors, and circuit boards. Can also be applied to industrial radiating motors, automobile engine lids, waterproof strips, filters, heaters, ovens & horns.

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