Waste Collection Solutions by Tack
Tack Innovations has more than 10 years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of products and solutions for waste collection. These products are made from state-of-the-art german technology, are highly customizable to meet all types of needs, and are available in all types of form factors - For under the table, to outside the facility, from the conference room, to the washroom etc. Tack Innovations caters users from the corporate, hospitality, hospitals, shopping malls, institutional areas and even residences.

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Dreamcraft Waste Disposal

3M Entry Way Systems
Dreamcraft Stainless Steel Bins

State of the art, superior grade stainless steel.

Available in a variety of form factors catering to users from Corporate, Hospitality, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Institutional areas & residencesHighly

Highly customizable to meet all requirements. Some of the sizes and types available are as follows

Dreamcraft Waste Disposal

Dreamcraft Plastic Bins

HDPE Injection moulded bins confirming to Euro standards of EN840

Application – pre-sorting, large refuse, waste collection, mobile waste disposal – paper, glass, packaging etc.

Virgin basic materials (certified type 1a goods) & resistant to UV, heat, cold & chemicals

Hospitality, Municipal corporations, Solid waste management, Pharma, Housing communities, Aviation

Dreamcraft Plastic Bins

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