Washroom Dispensers by Tack
Tack Innovations brings to you the most comprehensive range of washroom dispensers to suit all your needs - From hand towel to skin care, from personal seat cover to air care - from the house of Kimberly Clark. Owing to its long standing strategic partnership with Kimberly Clark and its decades of experience in selling washroom hygiene products, Tack provides all of these products with warranties and complete support.

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KC Hand Towel Dispensers

KC Hand Towel Dispensers
  • Beautifully designed
  • Increase drying efficiency & promote hand hygiene
  • Do not corrode
  • Easy to clean
  • Key lockable to prevent misuse

KC Skin Care Dispensers

KC Skin Care Dispensers
    li>Wide-range, high-capacity, low maintenance
  • Available in electronic & manual variants
  • Kimcare Liquid Soap System: Controlled dispensing of fluid reduces consumption; Vacuum sealed refills; Applications in various industries
  • Cassette Foam Soap System: Pre-lathered foam reduces wastage; easy to reload; easy single hand push-dispensing

KC Personal Seat Cover Dispensers

KC Personal Seat Cover Dispensers
  • Single sheet dispensing controls costs & maintains hygiene
  • Easy flushing – tissue disintegrated in water
  • Tough, vandal-resistant, key-locked ABS dispensers
  • Dispensers do not rust & are easy to clea

KC Air Care Dispensers

KC Air Care Dispensers
  • Neutralizes malodour, freshens up with a choice of 4 fragrances, & a no-scent option
  • Adjustable to washroom size & maintenance-free
  • Each refill contains 3000 sprays

KC Folded Bath & Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers

KC Folded Bath & Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers
  • Provides single sheets for hygienic use
  • Stylish and durable system
  • Elegant solution for high-traffic areas

KC SCOTT Hard Roll Towels & SCOTTFOLD M Towels

KC SCOTT Hard Roll Towels & SCOTTFOLD M Towels
  • Right strength, absorbency & softness
  • Low cost-per-use
  • UCTAD technology helps absorb more
  • Ultra high capacity
  • One-time dispensing

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