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Tack Innovations is a one-stop shop for dust protection at the entrance. It is 10 times cheaper to prevent dust at the entrance area than it is to get it cleaned after it has entered and settled inside your premises. Tack Innovations brings to you 3M entry way systems, the best most complete matting solutions in the world, along with its 15+ years of expertise in handling end-to-end application and support through its experienced in-house teams.

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3M Entry Way Systems

3M Entry Way Systems
3M Entry Way Systems are complete dirt and moisture controlling matting systems for outside entrance, foyer, recessed wells and inside entrance areas. They are designed and developed after years of research by 3M, and after many years of successful global application and market leadership, are made available to you by Tack.

3M Nomad (Terra Loop) Matting

3M Nomad (Terra Loop) Matting
Dirt and soil need to be trapped as soon as possible, preferably outside the entrance. 3M Nomad Terra Loop Matting is ideal for placement outside entrances, but can also be positioned inside and is available in a variety of different grades for different traffic levels.
  • Range available from low duty to extra heavy duty
  • Durable coiled web structure of 3M Nomad Terra Loop Matting removes, traps, and hides high amounts of soil
  • High quality vinyl provides excellent crush resistance
  • Open construction allows soil to pass through out of sight, so that its surface appears clean
  • It is easy to clean
  • Durable, won’t flatten over time
Technical Data
Property Low Duty Medium Duty High Duty
Thickness (mm) Minimum 11.0 Minimum 13.0 Minimum 14.0
Weight (kg/sq. m) Minimum 2.3 Minimum 2.9 Minimum 4.1
Microbiological Properties Inhibiting to fungal growth Inhibiting to fungal growth Inhibiting to fungal growth
Flammability B1 B1 B1
Colors Shade Card
Pedestrian Traffic (Annual) Up to 1.4 Lakhs 1.4 to 4 Lakhs 4 to 10 Lakhs

3M Entrap (Terra Z-Web)

3M Entrap (Terra Z-Web)
Its peaked edge design provides scraping action for excellent dirt removal. These mats are durable, and won’t flatten over time. Their low profile allows foot and trolley traffic to move easily over mat.
  • Suitable for medium and heavy traffic conditions
  • An unbacked, vinyl matting for use in outdoors, foyers and in recessed wells
  • Open Z-Web structure removes, traps and hides high amounts of soil
  • Hi-tech product coating for added durability
  • Solid construction allows light trolley traffic
  • Peaked surface offers increased slip resistance
  • Easy to clean
Technical Data
Property Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Material Vinyl Vinyl
Thickness 5.3+-0.2mm 14.00mm
Weight 3.485+-0.16kg/sq.m 8.9kg/sq.m
FireRetardancy BS4790-87;Pass BS4790-87;Pass
ElectricalProperties Pass Pass
Antibiotic/Fungistat Pass Pass
Pedestrian Traffic Up to 4 Lakhs Above 4 Lakhs

3M Enhance (Aqua / Carpet Matting)

3M Enhance (Aqua / Carpet Matting)
Once inside the building, it is important to remove any remaining dirt and absorb moisture as quickly as possible. The matting used should complement the surroundings without compromising on performance. Unlike conventional carpet style matting, 3M Enhance Aqua incorporates a patented combination of coarse and fine fibres to remove dirt and moisture more effectively.
  • Superior fine dirt removal and retention
  • Superior water removal and retention
  • Excellent appearance retention by hiding unsightly dirt and water stains
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install, maintain and clean
  • Range of products to suit all traffic volumes
Technical Data
Property Low Duty Standard Low Duty Plus Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Min. Thickness (mm) 7.5 8.0 8.0 8.1
Min. Weight (kg/sq. m) 3.7 3.9 3.4 3.5
Flammability Pass (CNS 13591) Pass (CNS 13591) Passes Class 1-a Passes Class 1-a
Colours <<Shade Card>>
Pedestrian Traffic (Annual) Up to 50,000 50,000 to 1.4 Lakhs 1.4 to 6 Lakhs 6 to 10 Lakhs

3M Modular

3M Modular
3M Modular matting system combines high performance with flexible design options and easy on-site installation. It is made up of 2 tile versions – Each tile is 300x300mm square and 1mm deep incorporating a 2mm drainage foot on the bottom surface. The large open scraper profiles incorporate ‘heel steps’ to prevent heel trapping. The Nomad Modular tile combines the scraper elements with a large central textile infill of dual fibre matting. This tile will remove and hold moisture.

Another option available is the Terra tile designed solely for scraping. Its scraping surface with its unique triangular multi-angle scraping blades maximize soil removal, and large open pockets maximize soil retention capacity. The tiles simply clip together and are locked in place.

Tack Innovations brings 3M Nomad Modular matting systems to you in many combinations to meet your individual requirements.
Technical Data
Property Nomad Modular Matting System
Positioning Scraper/web version – Outside/inside Mix version – Inside
Material Scraper/web version – Vinyl Mix version – Vinyl/polyamide
Total weight scraper / web version Total weight mix version 9.1 kg/sqm 10 kg/sqm
Total thickness scraper / web version Total thickness mix version 17.5mm 19.5mm
Flammability: EN ISO 9239-1 Scraper/web version – Dfl.s2 (Cfl.s1 ongoing) Mix version – Cfl.s1
Dimensional Stability (%) -0.3
Pedestrian Traffic (Annual) Above 10 Lakhs

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